Treatment of traumatic ulcer induced by fixed orthodontic appliance: a case report

Yuli Fatzia OSSA, Khairiyah ULFAH, Rizki Rachmayani SITINJAK


Orthodontic treatment aims to improve the oral health of the patient. Still, orthodontic treatment can
also cause problems in the oral cavity, such as the appearance of traumatic ulcers caused by the use of orthodontic
appliances. The following describes a chronic traumatic ulcer in a patient using fixed orthodontic appliances. Case
Report: A female patient aged 22 years complained of thrush after using braces. Clinical examination revealed a
single ulcerated lesion on the right buccal mucosa of the upper molar region adjacent to the buccal tube of the
orthodontic appliance. The patient was then treated with topical corticosteroids and chlorhexidine gluconate. The
patient was also consulted by an orthodontic specialist for further treatment using orthodontic wax to help protect
against friction between the wires and the mucosa. The lesions healed on the third visit.: Orthodontic treatment
often causes injuries to the oral mucosa. It is because the orthodontic appliances used can rub against the oral
mucosa so that they are very susceptible to causing traumatic ulcers. Traumatic ulcers arising from orthodontic
treatment are generally chronic, requiring comprehensive treatment to reduce patient complaints. Conclusion:
Treatment of chronic traumatic ulcers due to the use of fixed orthodontic appliances should be carried out
comprehensively by involving an oral medicine specialist and an orthodontist to provide maximum treatment for
traumatic ulcers and reduce patient complaints.
KEYWORDS: Traumatic Ulcer, Orthodontic Appliance, Treatment

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