Biocompatibility of dental resin composites

Rahmi Khairani AULIA


Dental resin composites have become the first choice among the filling materials due to their aesthetic
potential to suit a variety of therapeutic indications and can conserve the tooth structure. However, there are
concerns that this material may be toxic because of the possibility of releasing components after restoration.
Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a primary material for dental resins that is a precursor for BisGMA as a natural resin, and
degradation of dental resins can leach BPA to the oral cavity. Despite the possibility of a leachable substance, many
studies concluded that the release of BPA from dental resin composites might not be absorbed systemically. They
leached less than the toxic level that may cause adverse effects.
KEYWORDS: BisGMA, BPA, resin composites,

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