Validity comparison of CAT (caries risk assessment tool) and CAMBRA (caries management by risk assessment) on children: a rapid review

Raisya Aurellia Putri LESMANA, Anne Agustina SUWARGIANI, Meirina GARTIKA


Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) focuses on caries prevention than restorative approaches. Caries
Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) and Caries Risk Assessment Tool (CAT) are examples of manual
charting CRA methods that were made to make it easier for clinicians and non-clinicians. This study aims to
compare the validity of CAMBRA and CAT as CRA for children. This study is a rapid review and uses articles as
research samples. Systematic searching was carried out using the PRISMA diagram. This study uses PubMed and
Science Direct databases. This study includes randomized controlled, cohort, and methodological studies reporting
the validity of CAT and CAMBRA methods on children published from 2011-2021. Searching strategy for this study
is (children) AND (dental caries) AND (risk assessment) AND ((CAT) OR (CAMBRA) OR (AAPD)) AND (validity).
Articles that meet the inclusion criteria will be extracted and discussed. One hundred three articles were identified,
and only five articles met the inclusion criteria. Modified CAT by adding the patient's Streptococcus mutans
examination without asking the patient's social-economic status has the highest validity value. The method with the
lowest validity value in this study is the unmodified CAT method. Both CAMBRA and CAT validity are still
limited. The evidence is still low. CAT has high sensitivity score but a low specificity value, while the CAMBRA
method has a different validity value for each reported article.
KEYWORDS: Caries risk assessment, children, Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA), Caries Risk
Assessment Tool (CAT), validity

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