Psycho-social impact of tooth loss among Teenagers



Psycho-social is a reciprocal relationship between psychological and social aspects in humans, which
plays an essential role in the individual's cognitive abilities and social interactions. Psycho-social impacts are
changes in humans, including psychological and social aspects triggered by external changes such as changes in
dental aesthetics. Tooth loss certainly impacts one's aesthetics, especially among young adults living in the age of
social media, where aesthetics is necessary. This study describes the psycho-social impact of tooth loss in young
adults. This study is a descriptive observational study with a cross-sectional design. This research was conducted by
distributing the Psycho-social Impact of Dental Aesthetic Questionnaire to 120 people who suffered from tooth loss
at Trisakti University, campus A, Jakarta. Of the 66 men and 54 women, the average PIDAQ score for men was 75.87
and for women was 80.9. The psycho-social impact of tooth loss on young adult women is more significant than that
of men in the same age group.
KEYWORDS: Psycho-social impact, PIDAQ, Young Adult, Tooth loss

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