Rahmi Fhonna, Fidyati Fidyati, Suryani Suryani


Building a positive and strong bond is a relationship goal between parents and their children since it is the most significant in life. This relationship is believed to be able to construct the children’s self-confidence and behavior. Getting involved in children’s lives through parental home supervision is necessary to improve and strengthen the communication between parents and their children. This paper explores the role of parents in children’s academic achievement as parents’ involvement is essential aprt of the solution to many problems in education (Fan & Chen, 2001). Ten participants consisting of 4 fathers and 6 mothers of children are studying at junior high schools in Banda Aceh were studied. Interview consisting of several questions was used to obtain any information from the participants to enrich the data required. The data then were analyzed by using descriptive analysis. The findings revealed that the way of the participants engaged in their children’s academic achievement is different depending on various factors such as the parents’ background of study and their social relationship.

Keywords: Parents’ Participation, Children’s Academic Achievement, Parental Home Supervision, Parents’ Background of Study, Social Relationship

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ISBN 978-623-7086-17-8