Furkani Furkani, Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf, Dini Hanifa, Intan Zuhra


This study analyzes the phenomenon of code switching in transactions used by the buyers and sellers at a gold store in Banda Aceh. We applied a descriptive qualitative method as the design of study. To collect data, we recorded speech utterances of the buyers and sellers using smartphone as the recording device. The recordings were transcribed into the written form based on the transcription convention by Ali (2000). The aim of the study is to figure out the types of code-switching that occurred among the Acehnese speakers in the gold trading transactions and to find out the frequency of each type that occured in the process. The code switches identified in the conversations were classified based on Wardaugh's (2010) situational and metaphorical code switching. The results of study show that these types of code switching were found, with situational code switching occuring the most between the buyers and seller while doing transactions. This type of code switch allowed the speakers to utilize diverse languages or language varieties in different social situation to indicate a change in situation. This practice had eased the speakers in avoiding miscommunication during the gold trade transactions.


Code-switching; Indonesian; Acehnese; gold trading; transactions

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