Nazlah Syahaf Nasution


Clause complex is the grammatical and semantic unit formed when two or more clauses are linked together in certain systematic and meaningful ways. It consists of the tactic system which is divided into paratactic, hypotactic, and the logico-semantic system which is consist of projection and expansion. The Projection as one of the systems of clause complex is absolutely used in the sentence or clause that was put together in a paragraph, article, and text especially in newspapers headline. The aim of this research is to find out the projection used and describe how the projection used in Jakarta Post and Kompas as National and Analisa, Waspada, Sindo as the Regional Newspaper.  The research design of this study was descriptive qualitative method. The total of projection used in Regional and National newspaper is 42, each of national and regional used projection 21 times. From the 5 types of projection, the hypotactic locution used 10 times in national, and 5 times in regional newspaper while the use of the hypotactic idea in regional newspaper found once but never used in national newspaper, the paratactic locution used 6 times in regional, 3 times in national newspaper, the paratactic idea is never used in both of this newspapers, the used of quasi projection is used 9 times, and 8 times in national newspaper. It can be concluded that the most used projection in national newspaper is hypotactic locution, while in Regional is quasi projection. The paratactic idea is the never used type of projection.


Grammar; English; clause complex; projection; Indonesian newspaper

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