Zahrul Aini, Asnawi Muslem, Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf, Yuliana Natsir


This research focuses on Think-Talk-Write (TTW) Strategy implemented in teaching descriptive text to improve students’ writing skill. It was aimed to find out the writing ability of the first-year students of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 5 Bireuen, Aceh, in academic year of 2018/2019 who were taught using Think-Talk-Write strategy and those who were taught without using this strategy. The study was in the form of experimental research. The subjects of this research were the students of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 5 Bireuen from Ilmu Alam class (Natural Science) 2 as the experimental group and from Ilmu Sosial class (Social Science) 1 as the control group. They were randomly selected to be the respondents for the research. This procedure was employed through homogeneity of the participants. To reveal the answer for the problems of the research, tests i.e. pre-test and post-test were applied as the main instrument for data collection for both groups. In order to analyze the data collected for the research, t-test was applied. Based on the result of data analysis, it revealed that teaching descriptive text by implementing Think-Talk-Write (TTW) Strategy showed better result as specified in the statistical t-test computation, which at the level of significance 0.05, the ttest score was higher than ttable score (0.44>1.684). Besides, the mean score of the experimental group (68.78) was higher than the mean score of the control one (53.67) which indicates that the use of TTW Strategy improved the students’ writing skill.


Think-Talk-Write (TTW) Strategy; writing; EFL students

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