Diana Achmad, Siti Sarah Fitriani, Dini Zulva Rusli, Astri Yulia


The objective of conducting this research was to find out whether the use of FRESH technique can improve the students’ writing ability. This experimental research involved one group pretest-posttest design. The participants of the study were first year students of a high school in Banda Aceh. One class was randomly selected from the year one students. To collect the data, the students were asked to take a written test, one before the experiment (pretest) and one after (posttest). The data analysis result showed that the students’ mean score was 24.5 in the pretest and was 71.3 in the posttest. Moreover, the analysis of t-test showed that tscore > ttable or 20.95 > 1.72 at the level of significance 0.05 with the degree of freedom (df) 19 indicating significant increase in the posttest performance. The most improvement of writing aspect was in organization and content. For other aspects, such as grammar, vocabulary and mechanic were also improved, but not as much as those two aspects. It means that the use of FRESH technique can improve students’ writing ability in descriptive text especially in organization and content aspects. In brief, the application of FRESH technique can be used to improve the students’ writing ability, especially in writing a descriptive text.


FRESH technique; writing; descriptive text; writing in ESL

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