Faisal Mustafa, Burhansyah Burhansyah


This study examines a pre-intermediate ELT coursebook with regard to the use of consciousness raising (C-R) activities. The analysis of the coursebook deals with how the language structures are presented to students. The focus is on whether C-R activities are used in the lessons of the course, and if so, to what extent C-R activities are applied in the coursebook. The finding of the research indicates that the coursebook analysed has generally given attention to the current trend in grammar pedagogy by incorporating C-R activities. It was found that New Headway Pre-Intermediate has attempted to consistently incorporate C-R activities in the presentation section. Based on the finding of the analysis, the tasks provided appear to be quite effective to assist students to notice the targeted language in order for them to be able to understand how it works. This coursebook also follows the Presentation-Practice teaching approach, but the finding indicates that the practice does not immediately follow the grammar presentation.


Consciousness raising activities; explicit knowledge; inductive approach; noticing

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