Lisna Harianti Hasibuan


This research deals with the improvement of students’ achievement in reading a narrative. The objective was to find out the improvement of students’ achievement in reading a narrative text by using Read-Examine-Decide-Write (REDW) Strategy. It was conducted by using Classroom Action Research. It was done through 1) planning, 2) action, 3) observation and 4) reflection. This research applied qualitative and quantitative data taken from the students’ reading test. Quantitative data were taken from an observation sheet, questionnaire sheet, and diary notes. Based on the reading test scores, students’ score kept increasing in every test. In the pre-test, the mean score was 15.83, in the first Cycle test of meeting I the mean score was 36.17, in meeting II the mean score was 60.17, in meeting III the mean score was 71.17. In the second Cycle test of the fourth meeting, the mean score was 78.5 and the fifth meeting the mean score was 93.67the total of mean score improved from 15.83, 56.60, to 87.5. The improvement also could be seen from the percentage of students’ reading achievement; in Pre-test until the second meeting, no one of the students got up 70 points or 0%. In the third meeting of the first Cycle does not all students got up 70 points or 76.66%. In the second Cycle of the fourth and the fifth meeting, there were all of the students got up 70 points or 100%. The percentage of able students improve from 0%, 76.66%, to 100%. The qualitative data also showed the appropriateness of the strategy applied to reading the narrative text. The diary notes concluded that the students became familiar and comprehensible to the narrative text in virtue of Read-Examine-Decide-Write (REDW) Strategy. It meant that teaching by using Read-Examine-Decide-Write (REDW) could improve the students’ achievement in reading the narrative text because it made them feel comfortable, fun, get new experience and enjoyable. It is suggested to English teachers to teach reading by using Read, Examine, Decide and Write (REDW) strategy in order to improve reading comprehension. As the students’ time to read English text at school is not enough, it is a good idea for the teachers to ask the students to practice reading comprehension strategies that they have learned in reading, Examine, Decide and Write (REDW) strategy.


Reading narrative achievement; comprehension strategies; Read-Examine-Decide-Write (REDW)

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