Siti Sarah Fitriani, Chairina Nasir, Hanny Ilsha Pertiwi, Dian Fajrina


The aim of this study was to investigate the vocabulary mastery and vocabulary learning strategies employed by 28 undergraduate students of English Department of Syiah Kuala University. This study used quantitative method through descriptive design. The data were gained by administering vocabulary size test and vocabulary learning strategies questionnaire. The vocabulary size test was used to find out the students vocabulary mastery which is adopted from Nation and Beglar (2007) and consists of 140 multiple choice items. To find out the most and the least frequently used vocabulary learning strategies, the researchers employed 15 items with Likert-scale questionnaire adapted from Schmitt (1997) taxonomy with five major strategies. The data collected were then analyzed by using statistical formula. The result revealed that majority of the students master the mid-frequency vocabulary that is 3000-9000 words. Furthermore, in vocabulary learning strategies, English-language media use came out as the most frequently used strategy while asking a native speaker for help was indicated as the least frequently used strategy.


Vocabulary mastery; vocabulary learning strategies; vocabulary size test

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