Meta Keumala, Firdani Firdani, Nyak Mutia Ismail, Hayatun Ramadhani, Zahratul Idami


Academic writing papers in Indonesia require students to be able to write academically correct both in college assignments, essays, and journal articles. It has long been a serious discussion, especially in universities. Reputable journals always wait for the best and qualified articles (Wekke, 2015). This research is a qualitative descriptive design employing a case study model. There were 30 respondents involved in this study. They are all undergraduate students at Syiah Kuala University, Ar-Raniriy State Islamic University, and Serambi Mekkah University.  The data collection was done by distributing a set of questionnaire to the respondents. Later, the data analysis was carried out using descriptive statistics. The result shows that students utilize several strategies in writing academically. First, they frequently discuss the tasks with their colleagues, this is considered important because peer helps a lot in the learning process, including in writing. Second, in terms of outline organization of ideas, students usually make an outline or rough draft before writing. Later, regarding the organizational revision of content and writing coherence, the students rarely do this because the students awareness in re-examining writing after the first writing was still very lacking. The students focus less on organization and ideas, only grammar.


Academic writing; students’ strategies; EFL students

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